Adults Learn Modern Greek

Adults in Chicago learn Modern Greek, with courses offered by the the Institute of Greek Language and Culture, founded in January 1990.

The two-year program offers six courses of Modern Greek, starting with two beginning courses 101 and 102, two intermediate courses 103 and 104, and two semi-advanced courses 105 and 106. Students in this program will gain basic fluency in the language. For those who wish to continue beyond the two-year program, third and fourth year advanced courses are offered (200 and 300 level). These courses will enable students to develop their language skills to a level of higher fluency. These courses prepare candidates for the examination for Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek as well as the State of Illinois Bilingual Certificate.


Institute Director Dr. Anthony Xidis teaches an advanced course in Modern Greek


Each academic year has three sessions: Fall, winter and spring, and meet at three locations in the Chicagoland area. Classes meet once a week for the three ten-week sessions. Fall session begins September 12.