George Demos: “Governor Cuomo Must Fire the Man Blocking 9/11 Church Rebuilding”

George Demos, the Greek-American Conservative Republican candidate for Congress for New York’s First District, today called on Governor Cuomo to end the Port Authority’s stonewalling of the 9/11 Church.
George Demos said:

“As we approach the 10th anniversary of evil’s sneak attack on America, only one building lost on that day of infamy is still being denied the right to rebuild: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

“On that terrible September morning, Americans were inspired to see a humble white church standing against the black smoke of the burning towers. A decade later, it remains our national obligation to ensure that what’s become known as “The 9/11 Church” rises from the ashes so people can again see God’s footprint at Ground Zero — and know that Al-Qaeda failed to remove the cross from our land.

“Unfortunately, Port Authority Director Christopher Ward has stonewalled reconstruction. Combined with Mayor Bloomberg’s refusal to invite clergy of any denomination to the 2011 Commemoration, people of faith rightly feel shunned.

“A year ago, I stood with Governor Pataki at Ground Zero and we called on the Port Authority to stop obstructing the 9/11 Church. But sadly, Ward has continued to resist every reasonable effort to rebuild.

“Governor Cuomo, the time has come to fire Christopher Ward, so that the little white church can rise again at Ground Zero — in honor of the souls lost that day and in honor of America.”


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