Ten Year-Old Girl Victim of Car Accident in Astoria

The tragic death of 10-year-old Sabrina Mangou occurred on Sunday afternoon in a car crash in Astoria, causing grief to the Diaspora of New York and New Jersey.

According to the police press release, the tragic accident occurred on Sunday afternoon at 6:35 pm, at the junction of 34th Avenue and 31st Street in Astoria, when a Nissan Sentra 2001 driven by Richard Portnoy collided with a GMC van driven by Demetrios Moutafis and carrying his wife Stavroula and her first cousin Valerie (Stavroula) Mangou from Tennyson, a suburb of Adelaide in Australia, with her husband Michael and their three children, Sam 13 years, Nicholas 11 years and 10-year Sabrina.

The impact of the crash was very strong and the 10-year was fatally wounded. Although ambulances arrived in record time and brought the girl to the Mount Sinai Medical Center, Queens immediately, the doctors could not bring her back to life.

The other passengers were slightly injured and were transferred to nearby hospitals in Queens, while the driver of the Nissan Sentra was not injured at all. According to the police press release, 55 year-old Richard Portnoy stated that he works in the New York City Housing Authority service, and that he was on duty. Breath tests on both drivers proved negative for alcohol.

The family of Greek-Australians had come for holiday from Australia and traveled all across America. Over the last two weeks they had been hosted by the family of Dimitri Moutafis.
Investigations of the accident are continuing.