More and More U.S. Expatriates Choose Greece for Vacation

The successive reports and ongoing reviews of the international press for Greece have motivated the Greeks of the Diaspora in the U.S. to spend their holidays in Greece, this year.

It has increasingly become a trend, as Greek expatriates urge their American friends to join them in their in Greece.”There is a tendency for Greek Americans to visit Greece this summer”, reassured Stavros Vougiouklakis, an insurance broker in Long Island, who has already been to Greece twice since May.

Another expatriate says: “The Greeks of the Diaspora have always looked for ways to help their homeland. Today, they are willing to help their homeland in any possible way. I have been living in America for 30 years, and never read news about Greece in ”New York Times”. I now read them every day, because I am worried about Greece and the crisis”.

According to SAE data for the summer of 2010, 614,000 visits from April to October were by Greek expatriates living in the states of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto and Montreal.

“This year I think we will have an increase of at least 20%. Many more expatriates will visit Greece along with their American friends in order to strengthen the country’s economy and reverse the negative image projected by the media here,” explains Theodoros Spyropoulos, President of the Council of Hellenes Abroad U.S.



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