University of Columbia Researches Tourism in Greece

The majority of American tourists do not know how contemporary Greece is and have a lack of familiarity with the country, which discourages many to visit. At the same time, Greece emits a sense of mystery which is considered as an encouraging sign because there are possibilities to attract more tourists from the U.S.

These findings were included in a survey made by students at the Columbia University in New York and covered the views of Americans wanting to visit Greece. The results of the academic research were presented at a ceremony at the Press and Communication Office in New York and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (note: the two offices are now housed in the same place, as part of the government policy to reduce operating expenses of the Greek services).

This research was conducted as part of the summer course entitled “Searching for ideas” of the master’s degree program in Strategic Communications of the School of Continuing Education, under the guidance of teacher and professional in marketing, Mark Truss. The students suggested a campaign under the heading “Uncover the Mystery”. According to their findings, the majority of American tourists who would choose Greece for a vacation were estimated at about 40 and were experienced travelers who had already visited some other European countries and want to see something different, original and less predictable.





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