Greek Film Festival Tributes Thanassis Veggos and Elia Kazan

Two “legends” of the 7th Art, Thanassis Veggos and Elia Kazan, will be honored by the Greek Cultural Center in Astoria, in the annual Film Festival. The festival opens on Friday, July 29 and runs until September 4. The movies will be screened every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The films of Thanassis Vengos that will be screened are: “Thanassis, get your gun ‘, ‘Thanassis, tighten your belts more”, “Dictator calls Thanassis”, “Holidays in Vietnam”, “Hands up Hitler”, “Bald Agent 000 “,” Quiet days of August”, and” Everything is a way “, and the films of Elia Kazan:« Boomerang »,« Gentleman’s Agreement »,« Pinky »,« Panic in the Streets »,«A Face in the Crowd »and «Baby Doll».

The last day of the festival is dedicated to the Greek-American filmmakers. All screenings will take place at the Greek Cultural Center and the admission is free.