SAE U.S. Coordinator Speaks Out on 37th Anniversary of Turkish Invasion in Cyprus

Coordinator of Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) USA Region, Theodoros Spyropoulos, claims: “The need for engagement and cooperation of our forces to create a global joint Greek and Cypriot front for the vindication of the Cypriot people, is urgent and imperative.” Spyropoulos was speaking at the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

He also stated that, “In conditions of increased international financial uncertainty on the current situation in Greece and the recent developments in Cyprus, the memory of the sad anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus should not fade.  As American citizens, we should, at every opportunity have contact with American politicians and stress that the Cypriot issue is an international problem of invasion and occupation of an independent state and that its perpetuation is an obstacle to stability, peace and development in the wider region and in world affairs. ”

In conclusion, the U.S. Coordinator of SAE notes that, “a viable and functional settlement of the Cypriot issue must be found as it will contribute to peaceful coexistence, the prospects of good neighborliness, friendship and economic development, which will serve to the fullest extent the interests of Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the peoples of all three countries. “