Greek Ambassador Kaskarelis Offers NPR Interview

Greece continues to be a reference point on the front pages of American newspapers and websites, being one of the first topics of news programs and broadcast stations. As part of systematic efforts to promote Greek positions, the Greek Ambassador in the United States Bill Kaskarelis gave an interview on the public radio network NPR, California and on the broadcast show “Air Talk”, whose main topics were the Greek crisis and yesterday’s vote on the Medium-Term program in the Greek Parliament.

Answering a question about the voting’s outcome, Mr. Kaskarelis said that, “Greece belongs to a club and must follow the rules. The country has benefited from joining the European Union, as her partners have, too. Last year, the EU had to face and handle the problem of Greece. The Medium Term Plan adopted by the Parliament was part of the Plan to cover the borrowing needs of the country.”  The Greek ambassador in Washington also emphasized that, “As the Prime Minister himself has repeatedly stressed, the Greek economy has been mismanaged over the last 30 years.” Therefore, he said, “we have reached a point where we must take action and change the entire context of the state. The measures are tough, but must be applied.” The Ambassador stressed that “the EU is now offering a way out to Greece through the debt financing of the Greek economy for infrastructure, fostering entrepreneurship and development amounting to tens of billions, strongly stressing that all these packages financed from the EU and the IMF are not a donation, but loans with burdensome interest rates.” Finally, referring to various analyses, opinions and predictions that have been publicised over the past 15 months, he said that “they have not ceased to predict every week the bankruptcy of the country and that due to expediency or ignorance the political aspect of the EU, which plays a crucial and decisive role, is overlooked. For this reason, all scenarios of Greece’s bankruptcy are constantly belied,” noted Mr. Kaskarelis.



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