Book Review: “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds” by Nick Katsoris

"Loukoumi's Good Deeds" by Nick Katsoris

“Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” written by acclaimed author and practicing attorney Nick Katsoris, is the third book in the Loukoumi children’s book series. It deals with the significance of doing good tasks on a daily basis, and inspires young children to do so.

In this book, our main protagonist, a charming Greek lamb named Loukoumi, sees a fellow crossing guard doing a good deed on the first day of school. Loukoumi follows his precedent by doing good deeds for her family, friends, and even strangers, and discovers how fulfilling a good task may be.

The book’s CD comes with narrations from an all-star cast including CBS News anchor Alexis Christoforous in the leading role of Loukoumi, Frank Dicopoulos as Dean, Academy Award-winning actress Olympia Dukakis as Marika, Grammy-winning vocalist Gloria Gaynor as Fistiki, and Tony-nominated American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis as Gus; moreover, Jennifer Aniston makes a cameo on the CD as Daisy, the elderly giraffe, and Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston [ironically, Jennifer’s father] lends his voice as Loukoumi’s Dad.

Jennifer Aniston is the book’s principal narrator; in addition, the CD narrates the sequel, “Loukoumi’s Gift,” and includes an original song performed by Gloria Gaynor.

Particularly impressive about this book, is that it was based on a true story. Daisy, a kind-hearted cleaning lady, worked with Mr. Katsoris back in his law clerk days, and on the last day of his job, she left him a memorable gift on his office desk: a box of golden cufflinks, in an effort to thank Katsoris for his kindness, and for taking the time to acknowledge and greet her each morning. With “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” Katsoris returns the favor and pays tribute to Daisy.

In summation, “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds” is a breath of fresh air. Any parent, grandparent, or early childhood and elementary school educator, can relate to the empowering message that this book conveys. It is truly an asset to every child’s classroom and home library, as it is one of the most compelling books written by Mr. Katsoris in his Loukoumi series. This book ought to be read throughout the year, at school and at home, and would be a fitting choice as a children’s bedtime story, in an effort to help teach children the values of compassion and empathy.

The book’s illustrations by Rajesh Nagulakonda are equally vivid and remarkable.

Mr. Katsoris donates the proceeds of the Loukoumi book sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and he visited the hospital last year.  His next book, which is slated to come out later this year, will also benefit St. Jude.

For more information on “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” and other books in the series, please visit Loukoumi’s official website.



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