Greeks Protest Outside Greek Consulate General in New York

Around forty Greek protesters gathered at the entrance of the Consulate General of Greece in New York, on Friday and expressed their frustration for the situation in Greece. Under  police control, the “indignants” as they call themselves in public as well as in the documents that distributed to the passers-by, gathered at the intersection of 69th Street and Park Avenue, carrying slogans, Greek and American flags, and the sun of Vergina.

Several chants were heard during the demonstration such as: “Traitors, Thieves, Politicians in Jail”, ”Greek Politicians and their bosses having a party with our money”, ”This is Sparta”, ”Error 404 Democracy not found”.

The organisational committee supported by Helen Gkiokas, Chris Tzelios, Evangelos Stamatopoulos and Nicholas Notaridis drafted a specific resolution, signed by everyone who was present at the demonstration and handed it to General Consul of Greece in New York, Agis Baltas immediately after the talks.

The resolution was addressed to the President of Greek Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias, and communicated to the President of Greek Parliament, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, other chairmen of parliamentary groups as well as independent members.

While claiming the fourth paragraph of the 120th article of the Constitution, they invited the President of the Republic to dissolve the Greek Parliament and announce elections.
During the assembly, Helen Gkiokas talked on behalf of the organizing committee, as well as surgeon Manolis Lambrakis and professor of the University of Maryland Theodore Karyotakis, who mentioned the signing of the Treaty establishing the Exclusive Economic Zone in the Aegean.