Greek-American Rapper Pays Tribute to Feta in "Feta kai Psomi" Video

Greek feta is a favorite cheese around the world and one of Greece’s most popular foods. Feta and bread with a little olive oil is a very delicious snack that Greek people can be very proud of having.  However,  building a career rapping about it? That’s another level of obsession.

Here’s a video of Greek-American rapper So Tiri (a.k.a. Billy Anastasiou), paying tribute to feta and to feta cheese with bread in his recent  video, “Feta kai Psomi.” So Tiri raps about the virtues of cheese bread over a beat by Jerimiah & 50 Cent while wearing a bulletproof vest. Kalo orexi (Enjoy your meal)! [youtube]uNiba26dehc&feature[/youtube]