Internet Pirates Plan IMF Cyber Attack

Pirates from the internet group “Anonymous” called today regarding an online attack against the International Monetary Fund, in protest against the severe restrictions imposed on Greece in its economic rescue.
A “tweet” sent by the “Anonymous Operations”, using the keyword “Operation Greece” invites Twitter account members to visit the site of the IMF massively, apparently in an attempt to engulf the site and make it inactive.
They haven’t said, however, what time the attack will begin, which is called “denial of service”.
The message also refers to a website critical of the austerity program imposed in Athens, and also to the payment of 110 billion U.S. dollars aid promised by the EU and the IMF.
The Fund asserted that they have taken measures to prevent the paralysis of the website. “We are aware of the threat, and we have taken all the appropriate measures,” said Bill Murray, spokesman for the IMF.