"Unfaded Memories" Book by Peter Petridis Presented at Stathakion Cultural Center, Astoria

Shocking testimonies, touching stories, pictures and poems about the missing persons of the Cyprus tragedy, are summarized in the book by journalist, photographer and director, Peter Petridis.  The book is titled “Unfaded Memories” and was presented at the Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria, during an event of the theater group “Our Cyprus”.
With reference to the humanitarian issue of the missing persons, the President of the Cyprus Federation of America, Peter Papanicolaou, the General Consul of Cyprus, Kula Sofianos, and the General Consul of Greece, Agi Balta sent greetings to the President of the Greek Societies Federation of New York, Tsekeridis Elias.
During the event, there was a 25 minute viewing video as a tribute to the women heroines of Cyprus, directed by Peter Petridis. The tribute included shocking testimony from Harita Mandoles, Giannoulas Achilleos, Eleni Foka, Androula Giatrou, Helen Kassapi and Erasmia Eliseou, which presented the barbarity of the invaders and the plight of the missing persons.


  1. Why is it always comments about greeks missing persons and loved ones but never any comments about turks and their missing loved ones. Before the turks intervention it was a civil war were greeks killed greeks… wasn´t it ?

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