Greek Cultural Center Dedicated to 9/11 Victim Danielle Kousoulis, NJ

The New Greek Cultural Center which was built in the Greek Community of St. Thomas in Cherry Hill, has been named in commemoration of 29-year-old Danielle Kousoulis.  She was killed in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The Cultural Center, as reported in the “National Herald”, was built thanks to a large donation from her family, worth $175,000.
Her parents, George and Zoe Kousoulis, felt emotional and deeply moved when they arrived at the cultural center.  A  large banner, along with the  flags of America and Greece, bore the words: “Danielle Kousoulis Will Live in Our Hearts Forever.”
“Ten years later, our community continues in the best way to keep the memory of Danielle who was born and raised here alive”,  quoted  the “National Herald” on behalf of the chairman of the Community and the Chairman of the Federation of Greek Associations of Greater Philadelphia and Delaware, George Choriatis.
At the opening of the center there were  former federal senator Paul Sarbanes, the Metropolitan of New Jersey, Euaggelos, and many other people from the community.
Danielle Kousoulis was the third of  four children of George and Zoe Kousoulis. On that dreadful day, she was working in her office, on the 104th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York. Despite her young age, she was the Vice President of the company Cantor Fitzgerald.