2011 Forbes Rich List Includes 8 Greeks

This year’s Forbes Rich List includes 8 Greeks business men who managed to break the barrier of the 1 billion dollars and be included on the list. The richest Greek in the world, still is Spyros Latsis and his family, who conquers the 291st place with a total property of 4,8 billion dollars from his activity in the marine sector. Greek- American George Fidias Mitchell follows in the 420th place with a property of 2, 7 billion dollars. Mr. Mitchell, 91 years old, has managed to be in this place with his producing energy industry Mitchell Energy. In the 459th place with a property of 2, 5 billion dollars comes Mr. Filippos Niarchos who is a member of the board of directors of the Modern Art Museum and also a unique collector of works of art. In the 651st place, there are two other Greeks expatriates,  49 year old Mike Lazaridis, co founder of the constructing company Blackberry, of the Research in Motion, and the 82 year old Michael Zacharis, who activates in the domain of pharmaceutical products. Each of them has created a property of 1 , 9 billion dollars. In the 692nd place of the list appears the 62year old John Kassimatis with 1, 8 billion dollars while in the 736th place comes George Argyros who has made a property of 1,7 billion dollars out of real estate activity. Finally, Alexander Spanos and his family, owners of the estate agency A.G. Spanos Cos, conquered the 1.057th place with a property of 1, 1 billion dollars.