New York Times Ranks Salonika as 38th Top Travel Destination

Each year the New York Times announces a list which presents the top travel destinations for the upcoming year. The Greek city of Salonika is number 38!

The newspaper refers to the cultural events of the city and more specifically to the following:

  • The nonprofit Dynamo Project Space, which organizes exhibitions of up-and-coming local artists, architects and designers.
  • Sfina, which is a self appointed “urban prankster network”, that hosts surreal  events in the city centre using items such as lamps.

According to the New York Times, the new direct route from London added by British Airways in combination with the new mayor Boutaris who is pushing forward a series of cultural initiatives, Salonika is a top travel destination for the year 2011!


  1. This is bullshit. I found only Only 4 Euro coffees, dirty hotels that are mismanaged and overpriced (change your sheets!) and retail shops with no customer service skills. Goods and products you can find in Germany for 3 Euros is at least 15 Euros in Greece, and especially in Salonica. In all the squares and promenades you are accosted every 3 minutes by rude beggar children, gypsies, and immigrant Africans or Chinese selling stolen or broken merchandise. There are no cultural events of interest except for public demonstrations and riots. No social servies to support tourists and no tourist attractions except for boring old archeological museums and a few Byzantine churches that are not maintained well. This is a poorly written article with no sources or track back links. Even if it were true, I wouldn't so much as sniff at someplace was ranked 38th! I certainly wouldn't shout it on the internet. More shoddy and schlocky promotion from suspect high brow arses from co called Greek "American" institutions that aren't even American! Save your money. There is nothing of interest in North Greece unless you are rich and can afford to be ripped off in Chalkidiki, the resort area up the road from Salonica. Stay Away!

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