Obama Honors Dr. Manolis Kellis with PECASE Award

Greek expatriate Dr. Manolis Kellis is one out of 85 scientists to receive the PECASE (Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers) Award for 2010.  He recently visited the White House, accompanied by his parents and his wife, to receive his Award personally by President Obama.
This award is the highest honor that can be granted to up-and-coming science and engineering professionals. Dr.Kellis, a CSAIL member and associate professor of Computer Science at MIT, works in the realm of computational biology, genomics, epigenomics, gene regulation and genome evolution. He was nominated for the PECASE program by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services.
The Presidential Awards were created in 1996 by the National Science and Technology Council, under a commission from President Clinton.  The Awards are to help foster growth among scientists and engineers who show the necessary promise and potential to lead America’s next generation of scientific innovation.  The U.S. government hopes to increase the awareness of careers in science and engineering.  It wants to emphasize the importance of science and technology to the nation’s well being through the PECASE program. The White House following recommendations from participating agencies, confers the awards annually. To be eligible for a Presidential Award, an individual must be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident. Each Presidential Award is five years in duration and comes along with a subvention aiming to fund future researches.



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