Florida Governor Crist to File for a Pardon for Jim Morrison

A Greek has taken over the restoration of Jim Morrison’s reputation, even after his death. The Governor of Florida Charlie Crist  is preparing to file for a pardon for the legendary singer of the Doors who was prosecuted forty years ago. Jim Morrison was prosecuted for public indecency during a concert in Miami, Florida on March 1, 1969. According to the indictment, while the singer was on stage he showed his genitals to the audience and pretended that he was performing oral sex to the guitarist of the band.

Initially, Morrison was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, but that was appealed before his departure to Paris.  He later died in Paris in July 1971, at the age of 27. The governor is planning a measure of leniency and has until December 9th to do so. The governor states: “To be honest, this is an issue that I have not given particular attention, but it’s something I intend to examine before I leave my position at the end of this year”.

Crist is of Cypriot origin. He has supported the efforts of the gay marriage ban in Florida.  He has also shown support for the environment and autism initiatives.


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