As Kalomoira Honeymoons in Hawaii Rumors Surface of Pregnancy!

While the newly married Kalomoira Sarantis and George Bousalis are honeymooning in Hawaii, many celebrity media outlets in Greece speculate she might be pregnant!

The rumors started after  pictures were uploaded on Kalomoira’s official website by the singers herself.

Celebrity reporters commented on TV that Kalomoira looks a bit bloated in the face and body, much like that of a pregnant women.

Kalomoira’s mother Eleni Sarantis stated on Star Channel Greece that Kalomira is not pregnant and if she was she would know.

The Greek American sweetheart seems to be having a blast in Hawaii, but she never forgets to keep in touch with her fans. The picture above shows her dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween in Hawaii. Her Husband George dressed up as Elvis.

A video she uploaded from Hawaii can be found below: