Greek American Professional Women Honor Tina Santorinaiou

For 22 years Tina Santorineou during 1972 – 1994, was the voice of the Greek American community in the Metropolitan area of New York; an era when satellite television and the internet did not exist.
The broadcast: “The Sound of Greece” hosted on an American 24 hour radio station became a means of expression for Greek Diaspora organizations, federations, communities, schools,  and businesses.  “The Sound of Greece” was also  a listening point for politicians, Greek and Cypriot artists who visited the United States, and American figures when they wanted to address the Greek Diaspora.
Tina Santorineou was honored for dedicating her life to the Greek community during an event of the Association of Greek American Professional Women (AGAPW) entitled “HONORING THE SUCCESS OF GREEK AMERICAN WOMEN IN THE NEWS MEDIA: An In-Depth Look at Their Contributions to Both Ethnic and National Media and Their Personal Journeys on the Road to Success”.
Greek American women excelling in the American media participated in the panel.


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