Bouzouki Virtuouso Alekos Galas in Chicago

Renowned bouzouki virtuoso Alekos Galas will perform this Saturday, October 16 for one special evening of classic Greek song, at 10:00 pm at Katerina’s. Many Chicago Greeks will remember Galas from his days playing at the legendary Deni’s Den.

One of the most highly respected bouzouki artists of our time, Galas is considered to be among the best bouzouki virtuosos in the world. A world class musician, composer and recording artist, he has established his musical achievements and recognition with a successful performing career spanning more than four decades.

Having many recording accomplishments, including appearing on CD recordings of other musicians such as “new age” and “world music” artists, his latest project was playing on the IMAX movie soundtrack “Greece: Secrets of The Past,” with the CD soundtrack in worldwide distribution as well. Galas appears on the recent recording of the National Geographic CD, “Destination Mediterranean, Gifts from The Sea,” among some of the finest musicians from all over the world.
A gifted talent, he began playing the bouzouki at the tender age of 8, and by the time he was 13, was a professional musician performing in nightclubs. Guided by his father and mentor – as well as taking lessons from famous bouzouki great John “Sporos” Stamatis – Galas appeared in concert halls such as the San Francisco and Oakland Civic auditoriums while still in his teens, dazzling audiences with his dexterity on the bouzouki. He has performed in concert in most major cities throughout the United States and Canada, including, Chicago’s Goodman and Ivanhoe theaters, the Performing Arts Center in Detroit, and the Armstrong Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.

The music of the talented Galas has been captured on many recordings, several television shows, movie appearances, and continues to captivate audiences everywhere.

Also performing are vocalist George Demas and pianist Andreas Georgas. Also appearing is the ethereal composer and musician – flutist, clarinetist, saxophonist – Athanasios Zervos, direct from Thessaloniki.

Call it a reunion of sorts – artistic and in friendship – but this night of Greek song and kefi should not be missed.

You Tube: Galas Bouzouki Solo

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