Greek American Federal Judge Lambros Honored @ The Legal Institute of Ashtabula, OH

The Legal Institute of Ashtabula in Ohio will honor Greek-American federal judge Thomas Lambros at a special event on the 8th of October. The Foundation decided to honor judges and lawyers in the region who achieved national recognition and helped to promote the correct implementation of laws and justice in general.  Judge Thomas D. Lambros is the son of Greek immigrants.  He studied at Cleveland-Marshall College and graduated in 1952. At age 22 he became the youngest person to successfully pass Ohio Bar exam. In 1960 Judge Thomas Lambros was elected to serve in the provincial court of common law in Ashtabula.

In 1967 he was appointed to a judge in the Federal Court and became the first Greek-American in the federal courts. On January 16, 1990 he was sworn in as chief judge of the District Court for the Northern district of Ohio.  Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Warren Burger, praised the work of Thomas Lambros who was honored with the Award from the Center for Public Resources for: “the most outstanding achievements in alternative dispute resolution.”  On April 30, 1996 U.S. President Bill Clinton signed a decree of the American state, which included the name of the Greek-American judge who was then practicing in the federal building and courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio.