Honolulu: Prevedouros Adds Tension in Mayor’s Race

Former congressman Ed in a mass email to supporters says based on recent polls there’s no way Panos Prevedouros can win.
According to case “the anti-rail candidate could steal enough votes from Peter Carlisle which would help Kirk Caldwell”. His theory goes, to keep Caldwell out of office, don’t vote for Prevedouros.
“Both Ed Case and Peter Carlisle have gone down to very low kind of manipulation by saying that a vote for Panos is actually a vote for the enemy and this and that… nonsense… nonsense. If you believe in something, if you believe in the issues, if you believe we need to fix Oahu, there’s only one person to vote for, and that’s Panos.”
Prevedouros has been trailing third in the polls, but the latest survey from Civil Beat, shows him closing the gap.