Deputy Foreign Minister Kouvelis Met with State Department Special Envoy for Eurasia Energy

Deputy Foreign Minister Spyros Kouvelis met with the U.S. State Department’s Special Envoy for Eurasia Energy, Mr. Richard Morningstar. The U.S. official was accompanied by special advisers on energy issues, the Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Ms. McCarthy, and the U.S. Embassy’s economic affairs adviser, Mr. Malik.

The meeting focussed on issues concerning recent developments in the energy sector in the wider region of Southeast Europe and Central Asia, as well as investment prospects in the region.

More specifically, there was an analysis of the energy planning of Greece and the country’s emergence as a regional energy hub, while emphasis was put on the need for immediate promotion of the ITGI pipeline. Mr. Morningstar showed particular interest in diversification of natural gas supply sources, and in this context there was reference to the development of the Astakos energy center in cooperation with Qatar.

(source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs )