New York Post Article Urges Travel to Samos, Patmos & Amorgos

The New York Post posted an article on July 27th that characterizes Samos, Patmos and Amorgos as “The Secret Islands of Greece”. The Post suggests to its readers to visit these islands this year.  It emphasizes that these islands have not been altered by mass tourism.
As for the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, the article characterizes them as “gorgeous and nearly otherworldly in their postcard – perfect” landscapes. However, according to the article there are more than 6.000 islands belonging to Greece, out of which a mere 78 have more than 100 inhabitants, according to the latest figures. “In other words, there’s a whole lot of Greece surrounded by water” as the article points out, encouraging its readers to discover the “secret islands” of Greece.

A description of the particular traits, traditional dishes, necessary information and links follows and also makes reference to the natural surroundings on each island, which tourists can rejoice on their holidays.

The article concludes posing the question on whether to “go, or not to go”. The message is clearly positive, prompting the readers to visit Greece for their holidays and that it should not be avoided this year.