Events for the 36 years after the Turkish Invasion

With the customary National Memorial for all those heroically died during the treacherous coup d’ etat and the turkish invasion, the Greek-American Community honors the black anniversaries of the July 15 coup and the July 20 Turkish invasion in 1974.
The Cyprus Federation of America and PSEKA will conduct on Sunday the 18th of July a memorial service in the temple of Saint Catherine in Astoria. The Mass will be celebrated by the Archbishop of America, Mr. Demetrios and afterwards an event will take place, where apart from the Archbishop, the consul- general of Cyrpus, Κoula Sofianou and the President of PSEKA and Cyprus Federation of America, Panikos Papanikolaou and Philippe Christopher will also give speeches.
Representatives of the Cyprus Federation of America and the PSEKA will be in Washington the 20th-21st of July when a special event will be held in Congess. In this event, many congressmen and senators will also be present.
The message that will be sent by the Greek-Americans is that although there have been 36 years after the turkish invasion, they do not accept the situation and will continue to fight in order to be completely vindicated.
The President of the Cyprus Federation of America stated that «It is unacceptable the fact that this situation exists for 36 years in Cyprus. It is unacceptable for the american foreign policy to leave a European country divided with one third of its population not to be able to return home and the human rights of the whole population to be Infringed. Everyone discusses about great progress by the end of this year and about UN plannings and that’ s why we think that we have to inform the Congress members and the american government so that we will be able to react if these plannings are to Cyprus disadvantage».


  1. There will be and always will turkish cypriots in cyprus living in peace in northern cyprus. You can say and do what you want this will NEVER change.Make up as much lies as you want. Northern cyprus will alway be turkish ALWAYS.

  2. The above comment is a very bigoted comment. Sounds like you support apartheid in Cyprus, not unity.

  3. Very sorry for not explaining myself. You control the south we control the north. ANYBODY can live where ever they chose( in pease together like brothers )

    This way, and I stress SOME Greek Cypriots may not then decide again that they want to kill and wipe out the turkish cypriots from cyprus.

    Hope this now makes it clear. We dont want to live in fear of our lives. This will nevr happen again so long as Turkey has a few soldiers on the island.Thank you Turkey forever Thank you.

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