"Plain Jane" Auditions for Show on Oprah Network

Oprah Winfrey is searching for the next TV star in a contest to win “My Own Show” on her network. The winner may be right here in Chicago.

Greek American and Chicago native Jane Monzures recently submitted her own video audition for a show. The vivacious host of “Healthy Living Chicago” and darling of media in Chicago and across the country, hopes her “America’s Plain Jane” will find a home at the Oprah Winfrey Network. (OWN).

Her online audition video takes the viewer through the premise of the show and reveals Jane’s contagious energy. Notes on the site explain the show. “America’s Plain Jane is billed as hands-on-reality, demonstrating how to see the world in a different way when you learn to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. The show spotlights the creativity and ingenuity that chic, savvy women use to give their home and fashion a unique flair. America’s Plain Jane is Jane Monzures. She takes everyday simple items and recreates them into something special; its food remade; fashion restyled; and home décor refurbished. The unique blend of humor, creativity, talent and fun allows this ‘Plain Jane’ to take the average and make it amazing. Breathing new life into hum-drum, old and boring, Jane will transform what is considered trash into treasure. Jane also visits whip-smart, visionary women inside their real American homes to show off their untapped culinary talents, self-styled fashion trends, and original home decorating techniques. Plain Janes are everywhere. From drab to fab, the simple is finally something… you just never knew it until now.”

Five semi-finalists will be determined by online voting. The top five finalists will go to Los Angeles, where they’ll join a pool of talent selected by producers from the in-person casting calls and online submissions. In LA, the producers will select 10 cast members for the television competition series.  At least one online favorite from the top five online submissions will be chosen for the television competition series. One slot on the television competition series is guaranteed to go to one of the top five online favorites.

View Monzures’ video and vote here. This girl’s got it all – looks, talent, brains and an abundance of enthusiasm. Someday soon, the name Jane Monzures will be known all over the world.