Adam Burish: The Greek Blackhawk who Won the Stanley Cup

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and the city was partying all night celebrating with the Champs. Chicago’s Greek town had one more reason to celebrate since one of the Blackhawks’ players is Greek-American. Adam Burish not only is of Greek descent, but he has stated in an interview that he really enjoys Greek traditions and that he was always in touch with his Greek heritage.
“Growing up, I went to Greek Orthodox Church every Sunday. I was an altar boy. The only regret I have is that I wish I would have learned to speak Greek better. All I wanted to learn was ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and a few swear words.”
Adam, who was born in 1983, was drafted in the 9th round of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, 282nd overall by the Chicago Blackhawks. Prior to his NHL career Burish, a Madison, Wisconsin native,played at the University of Wisconsin. He served as captain for the national champion 2005–06 team, and assisted on both goals (by Robbie Earl and Tom Gilbert) in Wisconsin’s 2-1 victory over Boston College in the title game. On June 9, 2010, he won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Burish has a younger sister, Nikki, who also played hockey at the University of Wisconsin.

(Terry Poulos also contributed to this report)


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