AHC & Earth Friendly Products Hosts Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez at Earth Friendly ProductsBy Alexander Mizan

On Friday, May 14, 2010 in a joint event between AHC Benefactor Earth Friendly Products and the American Hellenic Council, we invited Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez to come and view how sustainable green manufacturing and good employment practices can benefit Orange County. Earth Friendly Products, a family-owned small business by the Vlahakis family and founded by Van Vlahakis decades ago is a nationwide leader in sustainable manufacturing and green production.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, a good friend of the Greek-American community took the time to speak to employees at the company on a one-to-one level and touched upon many issues of concern to the local community.

In particular, she stressed how her contribution to clean water ever since she joined Congress in the late nineties allows Orange County today to have no water shortage problems, a phenomenon that is prevalent in other California counties.

Ms. Sanchez, a daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico was proud to visit a family-owned business founded by Van Vlahakis, an immigrant from Greece who came to the United States with only $20 in his pocket and created the leader in eco-friendly soaps and detergents beating industry giants such as Procter & Gamble in their own turf.

Loretta Sanchez at Earth Friendly ProductsCongresswoman Sanchez, addressing the employees in perfect Spanish spoke of the need to create jobs in the area and protect our schools so that the next generation of American-borns but also of immigrants has the same opportunities that she and her sister Linda Sanchez (also a Member of Congress) had.

Ms. Sanchez had the opportunity to see the state-of the art solar panel installation at the roof of the EFP facilty that was done by Progressive Power Group, a rapidly growing installer of Solar Power in Southern California. In response to finding out that most of the power of the facility is derived from the panels, Ms. Sanchez stressed the need to upgrade our energy infrastructure.

Following the event at the EFP facility, at a reception in a more private setting, Ms. Sanchez had the chance to address members of the AHC and the Hellenic-American Community and speak to them one-to-one

Loretta Sanchez at Earth Friendly ProductsShe pledged her active support in promoting House Resolution 236 calling for the religious freedom of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to other members of Congress and asking for their sponsorship.

She also referred to the recent uproar in Greece following the Sovereign Debt Crisis and expressed her unequivocal support for IMF funds to be provided to the Greek Government to help Greece weather through the financial crisis.

(Photo Credit: Rich Schmitt Photography (310) 415-5151 [email protected] )