Bad Economy

mgemin050800225The economy in Greece is bad just the way it was in the US a few months back and a fuss needed to be made about it. Yet, when the big crisis hits, people handle it differently.

Greek people don’t swarm into malls the way Americans did, to save the economy. Well, you may say, they are not asked to do such a thing to begin with. Greeks also seem to complain a whole lot more about their government. I mean, Americans complain as well, but there is always a vivid boredom in the air that secretly dictates: “Watch a movie instead, watch something instead. And Americans are more acute to it than Greeks these days. Would it help if Greeks were also sensitive in that sense? Would it push the damage over the limit?

I don’t know. All I am saying is there is no mention of “consumer confidence” in the Greek media. Not even sure how that would translate. Instead there is Tzoulia. Is Tzoulia in a Papandreou administration the equivalent of Spitzer in a Bush administration? A mere distraction from the real news. Yeah, everything is going to hell, but isn’t this a slutty thing to do? Yep, the country is headed for disaster but did this guy actually see a prostitute?

Apparently, both nations respond equally eagerly to “sex scandal” theories or so. Apparently governments all around employ the same means to achieve the same result: a comfortable level of public numbness.