Greek-Americans in Forbes Billionaires List

greekrich1Forbes’ 2010 list of the world’s billionaires released Wednesday again includes several Greeks or Greek-Americans. Below you can see the list with the five Greek-Americans that made the list starting with their position, name, age and net worth.

437 George Mitchell, age 90, $2.2
536 Michael Jaharis, age 81, $1.9
616 John Catsimatidis, age 61, $1.6
655 George Argyros, age 73, $1.5
880 Alexander Spanos, age 86, $1.1

Two others that made the billionaires’ list are Spiros Latsis and Phillipp Niarchos who reside in Europe. Mike Lazaridis, the Greek-Canadian CEO who developed the blackberry cellphones, was also included in the Forbes list.