Archbishop Demetrios Talks about His Relationship with the White House


Archbishop Demetrios, the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America talks exclusively to “GR” about his role in the US, and the relationship of the Greek Church with the White House throughout the years.


  1. It is very beneficial for Greek-Americans that Archbishop Demetrious has such a friendly and harmonious relationship with President Obama.

    I would like to see Archbishop Demetrios use his influence to convince President Obama to put pressure on Turkey to correct two important situations. One is the reopening of the Greek Orthodox Seminary on the island of Halki; the other is ending Turkey's control of the northern third of the island of Cyprus, which Turkey has been illegally controlling since 1974.

    By the way, the European Union — which Turkey has been trying desperately to join for several years — will not allow Turkey to become a member, until that Islamic nation satisfactorily resolves these two situations.


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