What did Obama’s first year bring to Greece

Picture-1One year ago the entire world seemed to feel confident with the election of the new US President  bringing hope. Barak Obama created a lot of hope, but still nothing  has gone as he said it would.
What has changed for Greeks all over the world? It seems like we still sit on the hope.
Iraq is in war (soldiers still getting killed), Afghanistan is in an endless war (Osama Bin Laden) still sending warning messages, and Copenhagen turns to disaster.
The point is how long can Greece  continue to wait for the United States .
Our ambassador Vasilis Kaskarelis says: “ …Within a year there was an improvement in our relations, and there was a chance given to Greece to work closer with the United States of America both on European matters and Russia- American Relations. For 2010 we expect these relations to grow, especially with George Papandreou’s visit to Washington during the next 2 months. The plan is to expand the agenda of interlocution for our common benefit”.
The deputy chairman, John Sarbanes was asked about the year Presidency, and he stated: “There have been nomination dignitaries who are very much aware on Greek- USA matters that promises sensitivity on our matters. And that is a very positive step. The Greek Prime minister, George Papandreou’s visit may prove to be precious in what we are trying to provide in American congress”. On the other hand, most political analysts believe to see many things settled in the second year of  Obama’s term.
 (Angela Lazou)