Dukakis May Be Appointed Senator of Massachusetts

Michael Dukakis, the former Greek-American Governor of Massachusetts, may be picked up for U.S. Senate, serving out the remainder of the late Ted Kennedy’s term. For the last 47 years, Dukakis and Kennedy shared a progressive ideology, a lengthy history of political triumphs and travails, and a personal friendship. Now a distinguished Professor of Political Science at Northeastern, Dukakis talked yesterday about his relationship with the late senator.

“He was the whole package for me, a remarkable combination of personal commitment and passion for the job, and skills, legislative ability. He never would start a policy initiative without getting a Republican cosponsor, stated at Northeastern University’s portal when he asked to describe Senator Kennedy.”

Dukakis declined to comment on the possibility of his Senate appointment.

(With information from www.northeastern.edu/news/ )