Greek Journalist of NY Times Named Colin Jose Media Award Recipient

Retired New York Times soccer writer Alex Yannis has been named to receive the Colin Jose Media Award at Induction 2009. A 36-year member of the Times staff, he covered the legendary New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League from their first day of existence to their last, developing friendships with many of the illustrious stars that wore the Cosmos uniform, including Pele.

“I am deeply honored by this Award,” Yannis said. “One does not write for awards but to tell a story. I always hoped I did that well. The Colin Jose Media Award confirms that I did.”

The Colin Jose Media Award is presented to members of the media, broadly defined, who have exhibited a career of exceptional contributions to the coverage of soccer in the United States.

“Alex is a fitting addition to the list of illustrious media contributors that have won the Colin Jose Media Award,” Hall of Fame President Jonathan Ullman said. “We take great pride in recognizing his distinguished career and look forward to honoring him at Induction 2009.”

Yannis will be honored during the Induction Ceremony at 11:00 on Sunday August 2nd.