Rep. Diane Watson about the "Cyprus Problem"

Congresswoman Watson voices her opinion about the “Cyprus Problem” and notes that a solution will benefit everybody. Although we do not agree or disagree with her text it is good that she brings it in the spotlight of the international media on the 35th commemoration of the Turkish invasion and division of the island of Cyprus.

A solution to the Cyprus Problem is in the best interest of the Greek Cypriots, the Turkish Cypriots, and the greater global community — a fact that nobody understands better than the Cypriots themselves. The ongoing division of the island destabilizes American security interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, and obstructs Turkey’s European Union accession efforts. For these reasons I strongly believe the United States should support the current Cypriot-driven efforts to find a solution without interjecting ourselves into the process or imposing artificial deadlines. Read full article at Huffington Post