Hellenic Museum Opens Cypriot Exhibit

“Crossing the Line: the Movement for a United Cyprus.”

This ongoing exhibition begins March 26, 2009

The Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 left the island physically and emotionally divided, with refugees from both sides unable to return to their homes across the Green Line.  In response to this division, a grass roots movement called Women Walk Home developed.  With the aim of one day living in a united Cyprus with freedom of movement, these women staged marches to attempt to cross the Green Line.

Their successes brought attention to “the Cyprus problem” while giving women a new found place in the political arena.  By examining art, objects, documents and first-hand accounts, this exhibit will show how daily life on the island was disrupted by the invasion and while also revealing the subsequent movement for reunification.

The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center • 801 W. Adams Street, 4th Floor • Chicago, IL 60607

ph. 312-655-1234 fx. 312.655.1221


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