Will Greece’s Prime Minister Attend the Greek Parade on Fifth this year?

This year the Greek Parade will take place on the 26th of April on Manhattan’s Fith Avenue. The parde is the biggest event of New York’s Greek community.

The Greek Independence Day Parade is an annual celebration of Hellenic identity and commemoration, through which all Hellenes can express and promote their culture and achievements to the world. The event is organized by the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

This year the guests that are expected from overseas may include Greece’s Prime Minister, Konstantinos Karamanlis. People close to Karamanlis estimate that such a trip -and if it includes a visit to the White House for a photo opportunity with President Obama- may help him and his government in case of sudden elections that seem very possible in the near future. Greek officials- with the help of Greek American Democrats- have been trying to set up an appointment for the two country leaders, but nothng has been confirmed.

The annual Greek Independence Day Parade, which is commemorating the 187th Anniversary of Greek Declaration of Independence, March 25th 1821, has become a New York City traditional event. Since 1938, it has attracted a vast number of New York participants, and since 1951 we have been celebrating it on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Please note that the 2007 Greek Independence Parade attracted more than 150,000 spectators, 26,000 participants and was broadcast locally and worldwide through various television networks, the internet and other media outlets.

The Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York represents a large number of Greek societies, fraternities and local organizations. The Federation is the largest and the oldest (founded in 1937) federation in America. Its mission is to promote and preserve our Greek-American heritage and administer philanthropic endeavors. Since its inception, the Federation has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical aid, scholarships, disaster relief, and other charitable causes in North America and Greece.



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