Ad talk

There was one very annoying ad on my tv today. There’s the beautiful lady and the suit-presentable-supposedly-sexy-guy and he is all mushy cause she’s so wrapped up in an air of mystery and has the all-over-interesting aura and is now walking his way, softly on her heels (presumable a stranger whom he absolutely has to meet & fall madly in love with, have a great honeymoon and live happily ever after) and as soon as she’s in conversation distance and the romantic music cressendo-s she says something about winning a million dollars on the lottery and walks right past him and towards the lottery stand. Cause she wants to grab a lottery ticket. Seriously. I mean the lady doesn’t even look at the poor guy. Don’t mean to say he’s a stud or anything, but still, he is a person, lady. This is a stupid piece of paper. Which you want to buy. Take it to the register, pull out your credit card and buy it. Seriously. Buying. A transaction. There is nothing that money can buy that will ever make it as potentially fascinating as a human being with the intention and (possible) “depth” -or whatever it is you call it- to make you love him. Yet there is no ambiguity in this lady’s mind, she doesn’t think twice. yeah, I know it is just a f***ing ad but what the heck? What does this ad tell me?

A. The possibility of money.

B. The possibility of love.

And the contestant chooses A. A. A! Freaking money. As though it is a given. Not even an option to look into his eyes. I mean yes I know the guy is a d***he bag, but what the heck, give him the time of day and tell him off, snob him, have coffee with him, figure out who fucked him up, get drunk with him and spend the night, just do something. I mean this ad is a total mess of a disgrace.

You bet I don’t like it. You bet it makes me wanna pick up the tv and through it out the window. I mean, I never liked tvs anyway. 

What does this has to do with culture shock, lady? (Rightfully you may ask me.) Do you think such an ad could be playing in Greece? I certainly would like to think not. I suppose there has to be a level of acute materialism in a country’s consciousness before this ad sneaks up onto someone’s tv. I am not saying the bug isn’t present. I am just saying, watch the heck out. That staff… lame.


  1. Maybe the ad wants to show the disbelief of this woman that she can find her true love.. She is too heart-broken from her previous experience, and therefore decides that it's more likely to win the lottery than find true love.. :p

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