Cypreco celebrates 30 years with a unique concert

Cypreco of America presents Cyprus-Aegean-Smyrna, an one of a kind concert featuring band members of Estoudiantina and lead by Andreas Katsigiannis. The event is described as a traditional music journey with a tribute to the Rebetika Songs of Greece and it will take place at the Queens Theatre In The Park on March 6 at 9:00pm.
Estoudiantina is the first and most authentic traditional band that serves as a bridge between the folk music of mainland Greece and Smyrna.  Using only original musical instruments and under the direction of leading Santouri player Andreas Katsigiannis the band revives in the most unique form the ethnic, musical and cultural traditions of two different worlds – East and West.

For more information and tickets you can visit or by phone at 718-545-1151.