Sweet Holidays

photo credit: Rachel Portele

The Holiday anti-climax in the U.S. pi**** a lot of people off. The first holiday anti-climax wave comes right after Christmas day and the second hits on January 1st. North Americans feel cheated. “That was it?”, they keep asking themselves. All this fuss, the sales, the marketing frenzy…for what? One lousy day? Ok, two lousy days? Can’t blame anyone feeling this way. However, Greek-Americans, have it a different way.

Today is St John’s day. So HRONIA POLLA Giannides! Yesterday was Ta Fota! A huge deal and a national holiday in Greece. And for those who wonder, yep, kids still sing the Fota Carrols in Greece. Even in Eleftherios Venizelos Airport stores in front of surprised young clerks that never heard of this particular brand of Carrols before!

Holidays & the holiday spirit is a die-hard state of mind for Greeks. Some people claim the holidays don’t officially end till St Thanassis day on January 18. I’d say, it is naturally so! This year let’s push it up till inauguration day. Or better, till the end of January. Not sure if it’s my American optimism or my Greek craziness but these holidays I’m feeling no after-holiday stress whatsoever….!

Keep the holiday smiles coming people…it helps keep recession nerves down and incessant positivism up. And that never hurt anyone.