Barack Obama: our new President.

I woke up this morning (or should I say yesterday morning) both elated and scared. Dead scared. Elated the moment of truth was here. Scared there might still be a chance it won’t be so. Dead scared.

Now, fear is not one of those things neither Greeks nor Americans tend to feel. Me being Greek-American means I shouldn’t feel much fear, should I? Except this was nothing but a fearful situation. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think John McCain means bad, but then again did George Bush mean bad? What I am trying to say here I am finally freaking elated! No fear. Just elated. Yep. I know…it is not over, there’s a long way ahead …of course…sure, yet right now, right this moment I think we all deserve a moment of passion. Very dramatic, very ancient; passion. This is no longer about parties, policies and the financial interests of the few. This is about a chance to make this world a fairer place to live in. It is about establishing a higher life standard for all. Both literally as well as emotionally and ideologically. America rejoice! Barack Obama is our new President.

So, where does culture shock comes into play here, you may ask.

It doesn’t. No culture shock today. Sorry. Not at all sorry, actually.