NY Based DJ Brings Forth Slamming Tracks

In the field of music it is a tough world to break into let alone the complex area of DJing. Yet one individual has harnessed this area so well he has become a key player in his field. Young Chris “The Greek” Panaghi has taken the DJ scene by storm, from his beginning years doing small parties to headlining the biggest venues in the music business. He started with the most simplified equipment which he taught himself how to master and became a household name in the business. The Greek’s success has open many doors and enabled him to create his own recording studio where he produces music.

Chris soon decided to produce his own musical style and flavor and market it. He began his climb in the late 80’s when dance music was very much in demand. Chris worked most of the clubs across the NY-Tri State area. With his unique style and impressive work his name soon was being passed onto the big marquee artists. Chris has produced remixes for many top artists such as Marc Anthony, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson as well as countless others. Part of what Chris does in the studio is working with artists and their songs to remix them with his certain musical style that fits the dance market. His own music is a reflection of what he produces for others.

Recently, Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, is back in the studio again working on a new compilation entitled “HANDS UP: ANTHEMS” which is due to be released by JRA Music Group. This non-stop Mix CD compilation features fifteen slamming tracks including the massive club anthems from Linda O, South Side Crew, Galaxy 68 and Collage many of which have never been available before on any commercial dance compilation.

“I’m really excited about this upcoming release and feel it’s perfect timing for the summer season.”

Judging from Chris Panaghi’s past success this young entrepreneur is due for another chart busting release. The culmination of various dance artists on this CD gives dance music enthusiasts what they want; the hits and places it on the cutting edge of the electronic music scene. He’s nailed some incredible exclusive tracks here, packed with powerful big room bangers!

Just recently Chris released his album “Now’s The Time” with five songs charting on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart including two that reached the number 5 slot. Chris has always reinvented himself and his music and that is why he has longevity in the music industry. The Greek has infiltrated the European market with his cutting edge sound and managed to acquire a massive fan base in countries like England, Germany, Greece and France.

“Being in this business as long as I have you need to stay on top of your game. You need to be true to yourself and give the consumer what they yearn for.”

In a day and age where everyone seems to be a producer or a remixer Chris Panaghi stays on top of the playing field. It seems that his creative juices never seem to dry out as The Greek has always prided himself on developing and working with talented new artists. Judging from his past accomplishments there is no doubt this new release will be another success.

“Working on this compilation was exciting and fulfilling. I really enjoy all the tracks and talented artists that are a part of this project.”

The upcoming CD “HANDS UP: ANTHEMS” will be in-stores nationally on Tuesday, July 22, 2008. In the world of big room trance, Chris Panaghi has been compared to Tiesto’s brilliance as an artist, producer, remixer and as evidenced here a master at finding the most incredible new tracks before anyone else!