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Greek-American Judge Slams ‘Extreme’ Trump

  A senior Greek-American judge has slammed what he called “vicious” remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump on immigration. Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis told Justice...

President Trump Proclaims March 25 Greek Independence Day!

Continuing a long tradition at the White House, President Trump proclaimed March 25th, Greek Independence Day: a national day of celebration of Greek and...

President Trump Celebrates Greek Independence Day at the White House (Full Video)

"I love the Greeks" were the first words of President Trump hosting his first Greek Independence Day celebration at the White House, Friday March 24. Watch the video.

Greek American Investors: ‘Trump Is Good For the Markets’

We asked three prominent Greek-American investors that have been making deals in the U.S. for years, how they think Donald Trump and his unpredictable style...

Archbishop Demetrios: “USA Should Welcome People of Every Nation”

Archbishop Demetrios of America says that the US should "welcome people of every nation," as it has always done. The statement came a few days...

Will President Trump Force Greece Out of the Eurozone?

Trump’s presidency is likely to face its first Eurozone test within a few months with an imminent default by Greece on its outstanding obligations.

Donald Trump Elected 45th President of USA: Election Results

In a nerve-breaking election the American people have voted and elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States. Trump won some of the...