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Twice A Stranger

‘Twice a Stranger’ Documentary Presented at University of Illinois

“Twice a Stranger,” a documentary about the most significant forced population exchanges in the 20th century was recently presented by the Modern Greek Studies department at the University of Illinois.

Calamos: Global Economic Review & Outlook

The global economy can maintain its slow recovery trajectory, supported by accommodative monetary policy and low inflation.The U.S. is in the middle innings of recovery, China is positioned for a soft landing, and conditions in the euro zone and U.K. are increasingly favorable.

Calamos: How Do You Know It’s a Stock Picker’s Market?

By John McClenahan/Calamos Investments In our most recent Global Economic Review and Outlook, we described 2014 as the year of the fundamental investor with macro...

A Greek-American’s Reaction on How Greece Treats Refugees

*By George Asimakis - Ronald Reagan once correctly said that the United States is the only country where an immigrant can feel accepted - truly...

On Loving a Turk… and our Hypothetical Inter-cultural Child

A Greek-American tells her story of finding love in translation and choosing not to take sides in a Greek-Turkish relationship. By Vera Karamanlidis For the past...
George Petrocheilos and his mother, Kiki Stamou

George Petrocheilos Named Baltimore’s ‘‘40 Under 40’’ Business Leaders

By Maria Ioannides - George Petrocheilos, 22, a Towne Park, Ltd. executive made it among the "forty under forty" winners, making him one of the youngest...

A Guide to the Greek Thanksgiving Table: Roast that Greek turkey!

*By Peter Minaki - As Greeks living in the US and Canada, Thanksgiving is an easy celebration to adopt. Even in ancient times, there...

Calamos Viewpoints: Markets Climb the Wall of Worry

*By Gary Black/Calamos Wealth Management The short-term worries that troubled U.S. equity investors in August have continued to melt away—that is, they seem to...

AHEPA Remembers 9/11

Anthony Kouzounis, supreme president of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading association for the nation's millions of American citizens of Greek...

Calamos: ‘’Recovery Trumps Taper Talk’’

In his latest Economic Review and Outlook report* Greek-American John P. Calamos, Founder and CEO of Calamos Investments reaffirms his strong confidence of the...

Water Problems? A Greek-owned company has the solution for less!

Plagued by leaks in its large underground garage, the board at 70-25 Yellowstone Boulevard, a 563-unit Forest Hills cooperative, was seeking solutions. The situation came from a Greek-owned company, CGI Northeast.
John Calamos Sr.

John Calamos: “Lessons from Greece”

By John P. Calamos, Sr. I have long believed opportunities exist in all market environments. Progress seldom occurs linearly, and there are always hurdles to overcome....