Greek-American Wins One Million Dollars in Christmas Lottery

A Greek-American pizzeria owner from Lake Grove was the big winner of the New York Christmas scratch lottery, winning one million dollars.

According to newgreektv website, the 73-year-old Dimitrios Hadjisotiriou decided to try his luck on the day of his birthday. As stated, he was heading for the bank when he decided to stop at the shop of a friend and bought some lottery tickets.

Initially, Hadjisotiriou won 25 dollars. Leaving the shop he thought about buying another 10 dollars worth of lottery tickets. And he won.

“When I saw the number 36 appearing, I started jumping up and down in the shop. It was an incredible feeling,” the lucky man said.”

Hadjisotiriou told newgreektv that with the money he won he is planning to make a trip to Greece to visit his 95-year-old mother, whom he has not seen in twenty years.

This is not the first time that the lucky Greek-American man has won a lottery. In the past, he said, he won 56,000 dollars and bought a new car.


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