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Criss Angel Talks Upcoming Shows; Thanks Fans for Support During Difficult Time

World renowned magician Criss Angel took some time from his busy schedule to chat with Greek-American journalist Markos Papadatos about his upcoming shows with “The Supernaturalists” at Foxwoods, as well as his forthcoming show at The Paramount.

Regarding his forthcoming shows at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Angel said, “I am going to be starring in the show, and I will be doing the whole second half of the show. It is going to be absolutely amazing. That room is really great because it is so intimate, and Foxwoods has been amazing. ‘The Supernaturalists’ is a spectacular show since there is more magic in that show than any other magic show out there.”

Most recently, one of the magicians from “The Supernaturalists,” illusionist Landon Swank, was able to triumph on “The Suspended Torture Escape,” as Digital Journal reported, thus becoming the second person to accomplish this difficult demonstration, the first being Angel himself. “I was very proud of him. I asked him if he was willing to take the challenge, and he said he was, and he practiced and he did very, very well . I was excited for him since that is not something that could be easily done,” he said.

On January 14, 2016, Angel and “The Supernaturalists” will be performing at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island. “That show is on a Thursday night. Long Island is my home and where I grew up. I have so many memories being in Huntington and on Long Island. I went there last January and we sold out four shows at The Paramount. I am very excited to be able to go to Long Island. It is such a magical place for me, and it comes full circle,” Angel said.
The multi-award-winning magician concluded our interview by expressing his gratitude and appreciation for his fans, especially at a difficult time in his personal life, as his son, Johnny, is battling leukemia. “I am very grateful to all the fans for their support. It has been amazing to get out there and meet people and to interact with people. I pinch myself. I am very grateful, and obviously, I am for thankful all the love, support and prayers for my son as he goes through this very difficult time in his life and in our lives, and I just appreciate all the wonderful thoughts and prayers that have been on his behalf too,” he said.
To learn more about “The Supernaturalists,” check out their official website.
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