BuzzFeed: ’49 Reasons to Love Greece’

Greek places

There are countless reasons for people to love Greece and despite the tough times the country is now enduring, it remains a place that nonetheless continues to fight and prevail victorious through hardships, leaving the world impressed.

Greek-Canadian journalist Alexander Besant posted to the The American website BuzzFeed a list of 49 awesome reasons to love Greece. So let’s have a look at why Greece is considered such a great country.

The first thing the website refers to is the Greek mentality and the Greek way of life. People in Greece enjoy life despite the difficulties. They are people that enjoy themselves as much as they can, they aren’t always in a hurry, they are close to their families and always spend time bonding with them. They are hot-blooded, passionate about life and everything they do and love to have discussions (albeit sometimes heated more than passionate) on social problems, politics and economy. This general “life attitude” could very well be attributed to  living close to the beautiful Greek nature with majestic mountains, the marvelous beaches and picturesque towns, villages and islands

The article also praises Greek food and the Mediterranean diet. According to the writer, Greek traditional food is not only gyros and souvlaki. In Greece, someone can taste numerous delicious and healthy dishes such as the famous Greek salad with delicious feta cheese, fresh seafood, traditional Greek mezedes (various appetizers) such as tzatziki, taramosalata and saganaki (fried or grilled cheese) along with delicious meats, vegetables, fruits and desserts. And of course, the best place to enjoy all these rich diverse foods are at the lovely taverns by the sea, accompanied with a glass of Greek ouzo or Greek beer.

Remember how it was mentioned that Greeks are almost never in a rush? Let’s talk coffee. Coffee breaks are serious affairs for Greeks. An average coffee between friends lasts at least two hours or sometimes more and usually winds up with drinks till dawn at one of the numerous Greek nightlife spots.

Greeks also enjoy fair Greek weather and mild winters and can go on vacation almost any time of the year, as Greece has both summer and winter destinations. Greece is the ideal place for every traveler because it provides crystal-clear, remote beaches for those who want peaceful and quiet vacations, sandy beaches next to crowded beach bars for young people, adventurous activities and sport facilities for the adventurous types, not to mention romantic destinations for couple in love.

Last but not least is Greece’s ancient and contemporary history. Greece is considered to be the cradle of the ancient and modern civilization and the homeland of great, internationally renowned philosophers, scientists, artists, politicians and entrepreneurs. It also hosts some of the greatest archaeological sites and museums such as the Acropolis of Athens, the Acropolis museum, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Epidavros theater, the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the Oracle of Delphi and many more, which attract millions of tourists every year, turning Greece into a top cultural destination.

After a convincing presentation of all the reasons listed above, the article concludes by saying that the world shouldn’t worry about Greeks. Greeks instead, should be the ones worried about those who don’t live in Greece.


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