Huffington Post Praises Greek Food

greek saladA recent article published on the Huffington Post website praises the Greek diet and presents the reasons why humanity should be grateful to the Greeks.

According to the article, apart from the other great achievements such as democracy, philosophy and the Olympic Games, modern society should thank Greece for feta, the country’s traditional cheese.

The article also mentions that the Greeks have “shaped a way of eating that no country can rival.” Nutritionists from all over the world point out the benefits of the Greek diet which is “swimming in fruity olive oil, drowned in red wine and full of mezedes.”

The reasons why the Greeks are “so much better at life” than the rest of the world are: grilled cheese, known as Saganaki, the “national” coffee, frappe, olive oil, the traditional Greek salad, delicious wines, feta, which can accompany every dish, loukoumades (Greek donuts soaked with honey), grilled octopus, filo pastry, honey and yoghurt.

Finally, the article talked about the mentality of Greek people towards food, noting that they like to enjoy their meals with their friends and family.


  1. Awww shucks, it’s just in our DNA, uh huh. I was once a minor Dep Chair within the Heart Research Centre in Australia. As the HRC Chairman, rebnowned cardiologist Dr Alan Goble said, said, there are two diets in the world that are THE VERY BEST for the heart – the Japanese and the Hellenic (Greek). We went about telling people about the Hellenic diet


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