Hellenic Air Force Celebrates in Washington

hellenic-air-forcesHellenic Air Force Day was celebrated in Washington in a Spartan event hosted at the Embassy of Greece and under the initiative of the Defense Attaché Evangelos Papadopoulos, the Navy Attaché Pavlos Panagiotopoulos and the Air Force Attaché Ioanni Birbili.

The celebration opened with a speech by the Ambassador Christos Panagopoulos, who spoke of the international contributions made by the Greek Hellenic Air Force in NATO, and as an ally of the U.S. He noted that “the Hellenic Air Force is part and parcel of the Greek people, because the Hellenic Air Force stands by them in both difficult and pleasant times.”

Mr. Panagopoulos pointed out that “especially today in the current economic crisis, the Greek people through great sacrifices support the Hellenic Air Force in order to protect the national independency. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that Greece and the U.S. were always together in all the crucial battles of the WW I and WW II. Today, the two countries join forces in order to bring security and affluence in a troubled region of the Earth.”

In addition, the Defense Attaché honored the contribution of the Hellenic-American officers “who are inspired from the Hellenic Forces and serve the American Forces. The American officers who have been trained and served in Greece, as well the staff of the U.S Department of Defense that work well with the Greek military mission in Washington.”
The event was honored by the presence of the defense attaché and the representatives of the military missions of the embassies of Washington.


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